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Creativity or experience?

When it comes to web design, the question arises. What is more important, creativity or experience?

Both of them are important of course because they complete each other but let's say that one of them is a bit more tricky and a bit more essential. Which one is what is not up to me to decide because it's simply not that easy. It's like choosing between the moon and the sun. They are both important in their own way, vital for our planet, same as creativity and experience (technical knowledge) is crucial for a website or an app.

You could have all the experience you need, but if you are not creative and you have no innovative ideas about a website or a logo, you cannot create something worthwhile. The experience will probably get you from point A to point B, but it can't get you to the final point. If you don't know to adapt colors, shapes, and images to your functional product, then the final results will not be as pretty. You will always need someone to help you with this aspect of your product.

Creativity makes up for what experience lacks. Combining colors and shapes and forms is something that no one can teach you. You have to know how to do it yourself—doing something repetitively will only teach you how to do it faster. It will never teach you how to do it better or more beautifully. It's the same as teaching someone how to sing. You can teach notes, singing levels ect, but you can never teach someone how to sing beautifully and how to attract "fans" through the voice.

Your mind and your attention to detail will do that. Of course, if you have no experience at all and you don't know how everything works, your creative mind will not fully work. They go hand in hand, but let's just say that creativity is a bit more important. You can always gain experience through months and years, but you can't gain creativity.

Have you ever considered the fact that the client (who, let's assume, has no technical knowledge) wants everything in the product he is paying for to be easily findable, pretty for the eye, appealing to his target group (in case there is one), and of course functional? It's the most important part of designing and creating something.

Simplicity is not a lack of creativity. Let's not confuse that. Simplicity is rather high creativity and experience levels because making something functional, simple, pleasing, and clear is not simple at all. You have to balance everything out and create something "perfect".

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  1. Pablo Villalpando
    Anna M.
    2 Days ago

    The creativity, of course. Being creative, you're always learning and building experience.

  • Pablo Villalpando
    Garry F.
    2 Days ago

    No matter how experienced you are, if you are not creative...clients will probably skip you

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